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28 March 2023

"Oh, honestly!" cried Ega, throwing up his arms in disgust. "It's truly extraordinary! In this blessed country of ours all politicians are 'immensely talented'. The opposition is always happy to confess that the government ministers, upon whom they are constantly heaping insults, are possessed, regardless of whatever mistakes they may make, of 'tremendous talent'! The government is equally happy to admit that the opposition, whom is endlessly reproaching for its past mistakes, is full of people 'of robust talent'. And yet everyone agrees that the country is a rabble. The ludicrous result is this: a country governed by people 'with immense talent', and which has, by common consensus, the most stupid government in all Europe. My proposal is this: given that these immensely talented people always fail, why not try electing imbeciles instead?"

The Maias (Os Maias) by Eça de Queiroz, 1888

18 March 2023

Ega is discussing the wife of the secretary of the Russian legation in Lisbon with Count Gouvarinho.

... the Count, who also admired her, praised most of all her wit and education. These qualities, according to Ega, spoiled her, for the first duty of a woman was to be beautiful, and the second to be stupid.

The Maias (Os Maias) by Eça de Queiroz, 1888

16 March 2023

smida.it goes https! Thank you Let's Encrypt!

Here's to hoping that, one day, the certificate authority mechanism becomes a thing of the past.

16 March 2023

The sloth loves the penguin.

The sloth loves the penguin

AI for drawing has still some way to go!

3 November 2020

Save pointers: ordered insertion in list; point to the right spot:

	struct item {
		unsigned int n;
		struct item *next;


	void push(struct item **h, struct item *n)
		struct item **i;

		for (i = h; *i && n->n > (*i)->n; i = &((*i)->next))

		n->next = *i;
		*i = n;

29 May 2020

One of the most intense scenes of the history of cinema. After having found 200 thousand dollars Tuco is left hanging from the neck, set on an instable wooden cross. What was he thinking in that moment? Abandoned there, helpless with half of the loot in front of him, looking around calling in hope for Blondie.

Tuco in the final scene of The Good, The
	Bad and the Ugly

1 May 2020

Django meets Django.

old Django: "What's your name?"
young Django: "Django."
old Django: "Can you spell it?"
young Django: "D-J-A-N-G-O. The D is silent."
old Django: "I know."

46 years later: the first Django face to face with the last Django.

Django and Django

27 April 2020

The final scene from "Django", a 1966 spaghetti western movie directed by Sergio Corbucci, is a piece of art!

"Django" was of great inspiration for many of the Quentin Tarantino's movies who also named his character in "Django Unchained" after Corbucci's protagonist. Even the soundrack is taken from it.

Franco Nero played the original role of Django and Tarantino invited him as a special guest in his "Django Unchained" movie.


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