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Hi! This is Andi's personal web page, thanks for coming across!


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Debug GPIO with LED (geekeries)
How to use LED for visually debugging GPIO pins
Buildroot on Cubieboard (geekeries)
Instructions on how to install on Operating System compiled with buildroot on Allwinner A10/20 Cubieboard
My Gear (guitar)
A list of all my equipment, guitar, amps and effects
My boards and architectures (geekeries)
A collection of all the boards and architectures I use to test the Kernel

Please forgive me if the web pages are not looking good on your system. I'm not a web developer and I tested these pages with Chromium and Iceweasel on GNU/Debian Sid, because this is what I normally use.
I wrote everything in XHTML 1.1 and CSS3 taking care that the validation was passing.

If you have any advice on how to improve it, I'd be glad if you contact me.