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Hi, this my personal website. I don't think there is something really interesting to the world, most of it is a collection of random notes. Because I am a very chaotic person, keeping notes public in a website helps me to be more organized.

This website comes in a new captivating look that only hardcore geeks like me can like, but basically I think any CSS or PHP are only useful to get things complicated, and, because web development is boring, I'll write only plain and simple HTML 5.

The site has been entirely developed using nothing else than VI and tries to be conform to HTML 5.

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Random thoughts fed by the daily life

29 May 2020

One of the most intense scenes of the history of cinema. After having found 200 thousand dollars Tuco is left hanging from the neck, set on an instable wooden cross. What was he thinking in that moment? Abandoned there, helpless with half of the loot in front of him, looking around calling in hope for Blondie.

Tuco in the final scene of The Good, The
	Bad and the Ugly


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